Anna Olson Successful at Wyoming Supreme Court

Partner Anna R. Olson was recently successful in obtaining two favorable outcomes at the Wyoming Supreme Court.  Both of these cases helped further develop Wyoming’s law in the area of professional malpractice.

In Steven Johnson, et al. v. Danielle M. Mathey & Mathey Law Office, P.C. 2023 WY 71 (Wyo. 2023), the Court agreed with Ms. Olson and held that before a defendant attorney may be held liable for legal malpractice, the plaintiff must designate an expert to testify that the attorney’s act, error or omission was the proximate cause of the plaintiff’s alleged damages.

In Garret & Shelly Falkenburg v. Laramie Investment Company, Inc. & Brad M. Jackson. 2023 WY 78 (Wyo. 2023), Ms. Olson successfully argued that insurance agents are “professionals” and are, therefore, subject to Wyoming’s two-year professional malpractice statute of limitations.  W.S. 1-3-107.

Both of these appeals required extensive briefing and preparation.  Of course, Anna’s clients are extremely pleased with her work and the outcomes.